Change is not easy. It forces us to think and behave differently. It can be disruptive, unfamiliar and unsettling. Change, though, offers possibility.

Through strategic direction and coaching, we can discover new possibilities for you. My work is about creating change agents: people who transform themselves, affording them the ability to then transform others in their workplace, families and communities. They become equipped with skills and tools to adapt and succeed in an ever-evolving world. As an executive leadership coach, working with individuals and organizations, I witness people changing their lives, learning to adjust, bouncing back, recalibrating during times of transition, having influence on others and creating impact. Together, we look for the opportunities, discover out-of-the-box solutions, design a unique plan and stay on track to accomplish it. My clients end up invigorated, confident and achieving powerful results.


Personal coaching is a powerful and internationally recognized alternative to traditional personal development. When clients contact me for coaching, they are often searching for something missing in their life or work……

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Change comes in many forms. Sometimes change is forced by external factors and other times, it is a condition of the natural ebb and flow of growth in an organization. Clients consult with me on how to solve problems……

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Speaking topics are designed to be engaging while emphasizing personal transformation specific to each audience. I have delivered customized presentations to a variety of organizations……..

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About Suzanne

SUZANNE MCFARLIN, BCC, PCC, is a board certified professional and professional certified coach specializing in executive and leadership coaching.  Suzanne studied coaching and became a certified coach with Dr. Martha Beck, best-selling author of Finding Your Own North Star and monthly columnist for O Magazine. She also earned the Board Certified Coach credential with the Center for Credentialing and Education and International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach credential with the International Coach Academy.

Through the American Society for Training and Development, she received professional certificates for training services and is trained in the StrengthsFinder assessment. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from the University of Michigan. At the University of Arizona, she is a Professional Leadership Coach. She has also served as a career coach and instructed MBA students in Management Communication at the Eller College of Management. She is a leadership coach at Raytheon Missile Systems and the Flinn-Brown Leadership Academy, as well as former executive director and leadership coach for Greater Tucson Leadership, a community leadership program.


Suzanne brings outstanding interpersonal, presentation, networking and leadership skills to self-directed projects in industry, service and academics.

She is experienced in life, executive and career coaching; organizational effectiveness; communication training; community development, and marketing planning and implementation marked by creative, detail-oriented solutions. She builds connections with innovation and impact to enable individuals and groups to prosper and grow.

A combination of life experience, education and work history shaped Suzanne’s coaching and consulting practice. The ability and inability of people to handle change intrigues and challenges Suzanne to use her best skills to help a client shape his/her future. She is also fascinated with human potential and the spirit it takes to maximize it. Her style reflects a balance between intuition and practicality, in the various methods and techniques she uses to help people achieve their best.

Her client list includes Raytheon Missile Systems, The University of Arizona, Arizona Center for Civic Leadership, FL Smidth Krebs, BE Aerospace, Southern Arizona Leadership Council, Community Foundation For Southern Arizona, Tucson Unified School District, Raytheon Missile Systems, Managed Health Network, Business and Education Roundtable, Susan G. Komen for the Cure Southern Arizona, Intuit, Constellation Wines, Hollingsworth Law Firm, Breault Research Organization, University of Arizona College of Medicine, University of Phoenix, ABA Architects, Tucson Urban League, Pima Youth Partnership, DeGrazia Foundation, First American Title, St. Michael’s Parish Day School and many individuals whom she has had the privilege of coaching.

Involved in community organizations and causes, Suzanne serves as an Honorary Commander for Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, on the Arizona Town Hall Board of Directors, as a member of 100+ Women Who Care and as a Fast Pitch mentor for Social Venture Partners. She is a Public Voices Thought Leadership Fellow through the University of Arizona, and serves on their Executive Committee. She is Sustainer Chair for the National Charity League of Tucson, and has been a national trainer and on the local board of directors. She co-founded Desert Doula Childbirth Services and has served on the boards of Angel Charity for Children, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Tucson, Arizona State University Tucson Advisory, Carondelet St. Mary’s Heart and Vascular Institute Advisory, and The Fund for Civility Respect and Understanding, as well as chaired committees for St. Michael’s Parish Day School. She has volunteered as a facilitator for the YWCA Women’s Leadership Class and Conference and has designed/facilitated their “Take the Lead in Your Life” coaching program. She is a graduate, board member, former Executive Director and Past President of Greater Tucson Leadership, and the 2005 recipient of the Brigadier General Ronald L. Kurth Merit Award for Leadership.


Martha Beck, PPC, ICA



A powerful alternative to traditional forms of personal development

I help people to transform. My goal is for my clients to stand taller in confidence and clarity to live and lead intentionally and with purpose. Leaders don’t have to be born, anyone can learn to lead. Powerful leaders identify a need, create impact and positively influence. As my clients invest in themselves, they acquire the ability to pay it forward with others, the hallmark of transformational leadership.

Leadership Development

With a large portion of the working population facing retirement, there is ample opportunity to move the younger workforce into leadership positions. My experience has shown me that many companies and organizations do not have comprehensive succession planning and leadership development in place. Together, we can identify the leadership competencies necessary in your business and industry. I will create a customized leadership development program to ensure a smooth transition to next generation leadership. My white paper Bridging the Gap with Next Generation Leaders offers perspective on what young leaders offer and what is needed to develop their leadership abilities.

My leadership model, i3: Intentional Impact & Influence, builds transformational leaders. People who transform themselves have the ability to transform others. The outcome is confidence, invigoration and powerful results. There are three phases to the Impact and Influence program: Authentic-Inspired-Joyful Leadership, Living and Leading Aligned with Your Values, and Showing Up Big Bold and Brave. Each phase of competency includes development through workshops and individual coaching.

Executive Coaching

If you are searching for something missing and feel struck with where you are, coaching may be right for you. The coaching conversation will focus on those things that are keeping you up at night or isolate the areas that need attention to increase your capabilities. I work with clients on developing their leadership and managerial skills, growing in their careers, managing relationships, time management, stress reduction, self-care, work-life balance and other issues that show up for them in their work and life. My approach is solution-oriented and tailored to meet your needs. Rather than focusing on long-term discussion of what’s not right, we will discover the possibilities moving forward and how to build from where you are now.

Executive Team Development

Working collaboratively with accomplished professionals has its challenges. Allow me to design a team optimization retreat for you, based upon your team assessed needs and time frame. Work through exercises that permit self-development and self-disclosure to enhance team understanding and bonding. Get to know each other in a refreshed way in a new setting, develop common language for professional development and create shared goals to move your organization forward in a revitalized, cooperative and deliberate manner. A customized retreat can guide you to the following outcomes:

  • Increased morale
  • Renewed purpose
  • Higher performance
  • Greater joy in the workplace

What’s it like to be coached?

You will be asked to see things differently and stretch the possibilities beyond what you have imagined for yourself. My role as a coach is to bring awareness to areas where you may be feeling stuck and gently aid you in developing ways to respond powerfully to your life course, rather than react to it. You may think you will feel vulnerable, but this is accomplished in a safe and respectful way. I serve as a supportive listener and caring witness to your life experience. My greatest hope is that you emerge from coaching feeling authentic, abundant and fully alive.

What is the coaching process?

My belief is that all answers lie within. As your coach, I serve as a guide in your own self-discovery. I am trained to ask the right questions to get you thinking differently, so you can form new behaviors that support your success. Once we establish your needs, we will determine the right approach for you for coaching. Change typically occurs over time, but many clients experience a quick shift in just a few sessions. Generally, I meet with clients weekly by phone or in person. We set overall goals for coaching and when appropriate, we identify competencies you would like to improve. We track key accomplishments along the way, so we can be sure that you are reaching your goals. We revise plans as necessary and celebrate your achievements when we deem our work together complete.

What outcomes can I expect?

In order to achieve your goals, through coaching, you will gain clarity about what you truly want, shape a sense of purpose, eliminate self-imposed barriers to your success, gather tools to manage change, design goals that are authentic to you, and form a solid plan for the future. Coaching will also help you gain new perspective, achieve greater self-awareness, get motivated to make a change, develop skills to communicate what you want, increase confidence, and stay accountable. You will feel confident, competent and energized.

My Credentials

As a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF), I abide by the ICF Code of Ethics and coaching standards.  Through The Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE), I am also a Board Certified Coach specializing in Executive Coaching, as well as a Martha Beck Certified Coach. I am trained in the Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment.

Contact me for client testimonials and to discuss your unique needs.

Strategy Consulting

Change comes in many forms.

Sometimes change is forced by external factors and other times, it is a condition of the natural ebb and flow of growth in an organization. Clients consult with me on how to solve problems and create opportunities. Based upon my background in industry, service and academics, I have worked with clients on talent and leadership development, organizational effectiveness, process and curriculum design, project management, and strategic initiative design through consulting, coaching, training and facilitation. I help build strong communities, businesses, organizations and individuals.

The approach I take is to establish an open environment where creative thinking is valued and ideas can germinate, build group effectiveness by stressing diversity and collaboration, and create structure around ideas. I also encourage stepping into leadership, move groups to action, build in benchmarks and accountability, recognize when plans need revision and celebrate when goals have been achieved. My objective is to always leave a client equipped with new skills to manage change over time in a positive, fruitful and energized way.


Let me help you:

  • Navigate and Manage Change
  • Build Leadership
  • Increase Innovation
  • Launch an Initiative
  • Re-Structure For Efficiency
  • Set New Goals and Priorities
  • Design and Execute Strategic Meetings
  • Create Customized Retreats
  • Evolve Organizational Energy and Spirit
  • Clarify Roles and Responsibilities
  • Communicate Clearly
  • Move From Ideas to Action
  • Improve Follow-up and Accountability

Some examples of how I have been able to help clients include:

University of Arizona College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture retained me to create a fresh approach to implementation of  their strategic plan with clear roles and responsibilities, while clarifying and documenting policies and procedures. I engaged faculty, staff and students in an update of their mission and vision, consolidation of goals, assessment of roles and strategic tasks, measurement of achievement, and creation of an image of success five years out.

The Southern Arizona Leadership Council asked me if I could conceive of a “vision” for Tucson. The President and I designed and produced a town hall to address issues of regional concern in order to collectively design a vision for how we would like to move forward as a region. The Tucson Regional Town Hall is credited with having moved crucial conversations and progress forward in education, literacy, water resources, arts and culture, and regional land use.

Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, in response to the Tucson Regional Town Hall outcomes, contracted with me to tackle literacy issues in our community. Together, we conceptualized and formed the Literacy for Life Coalition, bringing together area organizations with the goal of 100% literacy for the Tucson region. Founded in 2008, it connects families, workplaces and neighborhoods with literacy resources to ensure a prosperous economy and improved quality of life.

Tucson Unified School District has faced numerous budget cuts and declining enrollment. The Superintendent engaged my services to craft methods for increasing cost-savings measures and revenue enhancement. This led to the formation of the Research Opportunities for Investment Task Force, which inspired the formation of the Bright Ideas Committee. These efforts built a community feedback mechanism and resulted in over $2.5M in savings and new revenue.


Speaker and educator Suzanne McFarlin will deliver customized presentations and workshops at your workplace or organization.

Suzanne invigorated and engaged my divisional leadership in an afternoon of professional development. Her presentation style helped my team members focus on the strategies needed to live a more balanced professional and personal life by focusing on happiness. The team left feeling in control of their opportunities and open to new possibilities. Her workshop positively impacted morale and productivity. Working with Suzanne to develop the afternoon was easy and educational. Even in my position, I learned so much in her session. It helped me focus on the great things around me and I was ready to kick off the new academic year!”

         ~ Kasey Urquidez, University of Arizona, VP for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs Advancement and Dean, Undergraduate Admissions

   Speaking Engagements Include:

  • Building Transformational Leaders, Association of Leadership Programs National Conference
  • Understanding the Impact of Emotional Intelligence,  Davis Monthan, United States Air Force
  • Leading from Your Strengths, Davis Monthan, United States Air Force
  • Happy At Work, University of Arizona, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs Advancement
  • Leveraging Strengths To Improve Our Board, Greater Tucson Leadership
  • Discovering Our Strengths, University of Arizona SAEM/AISS Marketing
  • Using Strengths To Shape The Path To Success, Arizona Women Lawyers Association
  • Change Agents: If not us, then who? Keynote Speaker, Up and Comers 2014
  • Speak Up. Step Up. University of Arizona, Blue Chip and Atlas Programs
  • Positive Leadership, Alpha Delta Pi and Kappa Kappa Gamma 
  • Community Leadership, Arizona Women Lawyers Association
  • Emotional Intelligence For Leaders, Armstrong World Industries
  • Making An Inspired Transition, National Charity League, Tucson
  • Getting The Right Doors To Open, The University of Phoenix
  • Overcoming Your Barriers, Raytheon Missile Systems
  • The Power Of Connections, Pima Community College
  • Set Your Career Course, University of Arizona, Commerce Program
  • What’s Standing In Your Way, The University of Phoenix
  • Take The Lead in Your Life, YWCA Tucson
  • Put A Kick In Your Step, YWCA Tucson
  • Presenting Like a Pro, Breault Research Organization
  • That’s What I Like About You, National Charity League, Tucson
  • Cultural Discovery For Emerging Leaders, National Charity League, National Conference 
  • Courageous Communication, Association of Fundraising Professionals
  • Your Personal Strategic Plan, University of Arizona, Eller College of Management
  • Resumes That Rock, University of Arizona, Eller College of Management
  • Make A Name For Yourself, University of Arizona, Eller College of Management


“If you long for a life that feels a little out of reach – a life that reflects who you really are, integrating your life experiences, dreams and desires – Suzanne McFarlin may be the ideal coach for you. Suzanne specializes in helping you gain clarity about where you are in your life, where you want to go in the future, and how you can get there. By connecting you with your core self and providing you with the tools to craft a clear vision of your right life, her coaching can empower, calm, and inspire you. Her personal style focuses on helping you move through transitions, into a future you’ve deliberately created with purpose and meaning. Let Suzanne be a gentle, healing guide through your own changing circumstances, and help you discover all that your life is meant to be.”

~ Martha Beck, Renowned Author and Life Coach

“Suzanne was able to help establish a holistic approach to my life that put into perspective career issues. The result has been increased confidence, joy and an ability to look beyond the immediate.”

~ Jan Cervelli, President, St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN 

“Working with Suzanne for two days was a very refreshing reminder that to be a strong leader, I have to take the time to focus on my own development.  As I transform myself, the effects will be exponential on those that I lead and the company as a whole.”

~ Linda Whitaker, Chief Operating Offer, Ashton Tiffany LLC 

“My coaching sessions with Suzanne were very open, honest and sincere. It was beneficial to hear someone else’s opinion and advice outside of my own work space. The feedback I received was candid and used in a positive way to help me improve. What I liked best is that we were able brainstorm together and use the feedback to develop my own personal management plan moving forward. It didn’t take long after to notice a really positive change in my work environment.”

~Andy, Raytheon Missile Systems

“Suzanne opened my eyes to thinking about effective leadership in a holistic manner. During our leadership coaching engagement she fostered an environment which stimulated a positive and open dialogue on all the attributes of leadership both personally and professionally. Suzanne’s approach led us on a journey to explore thought provoking and educational leadership skills and challenged me to actively become a stronger and more effective leader through the deployment of the leadership tools and techniques learned during the coaching sessions. The coaching I received was truly transformational and I am particularly grateful to Suzanne for taking me on this journey to help me understand my authentic self, gain significant insight on the power of emotional intelligence and become a more thoughtful and engaging leader.”

~Sean, Vice President, Manufacturing Company

“During a difficult time of transition, our Board needed guidance and refocusing. Suzanne effectively pulled together our diverse opinions and visions, to help us focus in on our true mission and long terms goals. She effectively and efficiently helped us to achieve our united vision utilizing unique workshop strategies, in an extraordinarily articulate and professional manner. The goals of her direct and focus-based workshop were achieved. As a Board, our expectations were surpassed.”

~ Nanci Freedberg, Former Board Member, DeGrazia Foundation

“Suzanne helped me take the time to think about my responsibilities to myself when work and family are so demanding. Now things are in balance.”

~ David, Arizona, Community Advocate

“Suzanne facilitated our “Forward Thinking” session with superb organization and professionalism. She was able to help us see that our differences make us stronger as a team and that each of us brings individual strengths to the firm. We also appreciated how we needed to make some adjustments in our procedures to more closely align with our values. It was amazing how we brainstormed action plans and major issues with her guidance. All this was done within an 8:30 to 3:30 session!”

~ Kim Fernandez, Principal, ABA Architects

“Professional coaching was essential to my growth as a leader and as a person. Suzanne had a skillful way of helping me to rise to the next level in my professionalism, emotional maturity, and ability to build relationships with others by keeping transparency top of mind. She helped me to focus on my strengths and to gain the confidence to continue to take risks.”

~ Penny, New York, Change Management Executive

“What stands out most about Suzanne is her professionalism. She makes sure there are no loose ends and has kept us on track while we are developing our regional literacy initiative.”

~ Steve Alley, Former President/CEO Community Foundation for Southern Arizona

“Suzanne facilitated an extraordinary process of self-discovery that led to our identifying my ‘Authentic Self’ and my ‘Elements of a Thriving Life.’ I referenced these constructs throughout my career search and during my husband’s deployment to the Middle East. At the same time, I relied on Suzanne’s life coaching skills to set priorities and thrive during this very stressful time. I would highly recommend Suzanne’s skills as a career coach and life coach.”

~ Linda, Patent Attorney, Washington, DC

“Suzanne McFarlin was contracted to facilitate our annual retreat and provide support for our refinement of a strategic approach to affiliate development. She did an exceptional job of providing expert planning skills in preparation for the event, incorporating key ideas into the approach to organizing the day, and keeping us focused on topic during the process. In the end, as a result of Ms. McFarlin’s efforts, we had a highly productive experience which more than met our expectations.”

~ John Pedicone, Former President, Board of Directors, Komen for the Cure Southern Arizona

“I consulted with Suzanne when I felt like I was at a crossroads. I was confused about which way to go in many areas of my life: my career, my family, and my time management. Talking with Suzanne made me feel deeply understood, which in and of itself was very healing. Not only did she listen to me, however, she also helped me elucidate what my real goals were for my future, and helped me map out a comprehensive plan on how to meet those goals. Now, only a few months later, things are looking so much better and I feel much more secure about my life and where I am going.”

~ Cassandra, Arizona, Law Student

“The Tucson Regional Town Hall was an incredibly complex event. Preparation and planning required detailed interaction with a diverse group of people and groups across the Tucson Region. As the Southern Arizona Leadership Council’s “Town Hall Director,” Suzanne McFarlin was instrumental in making the Town Hall an overwhelming success. Despite long hours and countless challenges, Suzanne always maintained a positive and reassuring attitude that kept the team focused and energized. Her leadership, dedication and commitment resulted in a nearly flawless 4 day event.”

~ Ron Shoopman, President, Southern Arizona Leadership Council

 “Suzanne helped me regain my self-esteem and to rebuild my commercial real estate business after I came back from a three year life-threatening illness. She worked with me on ways to inform my clients that I was once again able to handle their needs and to get the word out to the community that I was healthy and back in business. Suzanne always addressed my issues with a positive approach and feedback. I would highly recommend Suzanne to anyone that needs to increase their business volume or to just re-evaluate their business approach.”

~Tari, Real Estate Executive

Get in Touch

I look forward to talking to you about a personalized, objective approach to guiding you in leading your life and career so that you can feel invigorated and confident, as well as achieve powerful results. Contact me for a free consultation.

logoTogether we can explore how you can find your brilliance for yourself, your community, your organization or your business. If you are struggling to settle on what you want or how to get there, let me be your guide.  Contact me so we can set a time for a no-cost, initial conversation about your situation and how I can help.  I’ll make it easy and fun!


Suzanne McFarlin